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Map 1: ANLb/Diversity of AEC measures

  • Green: Open Meadowland - target species: meadowbirds like blacktailed gotwit / lapwing / redshank
  • Orange: Open Arable land - target species: Skylark, Yellow wagtail, Meadow Pipit, Yellow Hammer, Partridge
  • Brown: Drymeandering veins / bocage landscape - hedgerows: targetspecies: Common Redstart, Yellow Bunting, Common Linnet, Grey big eared bat
  • Blue: Wetmeandering veins - ditches, ponds and banks - target species: Bitter prash (fish), Eel, Snipe, Northern Shoveler.

ANLb_Diversity-of-AEC-measures (pdf, 4MB)

Map 2: grondgebruik/Use of soil

  • Orange: arable land (northern part mostly potatoes, seed potatoes, unions, granes, beets for consumption and export / middle part mostly mais for dairyfarms).
  • Green: meadowland for dairyfarms
  • Purple: fallow land
  • Dark green: nature preserve areas
  • Red: ground depot

Gewaspercelen_Use-of-soil (pdf, 4MB)

Map 3: Bodemkaart/Soil map

  • Purple: Old settlement places

Soil type

  • Lila: peat
  • Orange: sand
  • Light green: light savel
  • Green: heavy sand
  • Dark green: light clay
  • Dark blue: heavy clay
  • Yellow: raised or sprayed
  • Grey: urban area
  • Light blue: fresh water

Grondsoort_Soil-map (pdf, 3MB)

Films by Collectief Waadrâne

1. Introduction Waadrâne

2. Project Vogelakker

3. Project Plas Dras

4. Working together